You Want To Know These Tips For Time Management

Tips For Time ManagementLearn these tips for time management to create MLM Success

Are you struggling with managing your time? Do you feel that if you had more time, you will build your network marketing business better?

In today’s post, i share tips on time management that will help you become successful in your MLM business and in any area of your life.

Managing your tip is the first step in creating success in your network marketing business

“Your time management will dictate the velocity of your success” – Ray Higdon

tips for time management


A lot of network marketers are involved in the business part-time.

You need to be effective at time management to create success.

Do not think going full-time will create more time for you.

If you can not manage your time part-time, you definitely will not manage it full time.

Tips for time management that work.

Plan your day- You need to plan your day in advance. Get a daily planner or use an app to plan your day. You should do this the night before or very early in the morning.

This is one of the common habits in the daily routine of successful people.  More on the habits in this post.

Get into the habit of also planning your whole week on Sunday of a new week, and then daily planning.

Set Your Business Hours

You have to decide in advance how many hours in a day you will be building your business.

You also have to schedule these hours in the day and stick to it.

To create success in network marketing, you need to treat is like business.

If you are a part-time network marketer with a job, you have hours you go to work.

You need to have your business hours and stick to it.

tips for time managementMoney Producing Activities

A lot of network marketers are busy doing a lot of activities that do not generate income.

You want to allocate 80% of your available business time to money making activities.

In network marketing , these activities are Prospecting -Offline or Online  and Marketing. Ultimately, it is getting more eyeballs on your presentation that will grow your business.

That is what you must be doing  most of your set business time to generate income in your business


There are a lot of distractions especial with everyone going mobile.

Except you are building your business using the social media, you need to limit the distractions.

There is a common phrase “Finish what you start” .

You want to adopt this attitude as you go about your daily activities and not multi-tasking.

Multi-tasking is a poor time management strategy in your business.

Video on Tips for Time Management

In these video below, i give details on tips for time management. You want to watch till the end. I share two things you can do to improve your focus

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To your success.

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