How to Stay Consistent To Your Daily Routine

stay consistentYou Need To Stay Consistent To Win

If you are serious about building your network marketing business, the  you need to have a daily routine on how you build your business.

The foundation of success in MLM is how many eyeballs are seeing your presentation.

You need to be talking to people on a daily basis to get eyeballs on your presentation. This is what creates income in your business.

Your daily routine should therefore be majorly centered on the  income producing activities.

Here is my post on daily routine

‘Yemisi I know all this, but i still struggle to stay consistent’ you say.

Well in today’s post, i share one powerful way for you to stay consistent to your daily routine and to achieving your goals.

 You can stay consistent to your routine if you do this

You need to have a Vision of who you want to become.  I heard this quote from Ray Higdon  and it is one of his favorites.

“Pain pushes until vision pulls” Michael Beckwith.

Your vision will pull you to take action. You have to make it compelling enough.

Who do you want to become as you creates success- picture it and let it pull you!

Video on Crafting a vision to stay consistent

I share more details on creating a vision and i also share my blogging story

Raise your standard now and you will not struggle to stay consistent.

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To your success.

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