Develop A Solid Follow-up System For Your Prospects With These Steps

Follow-up systemDo you have a follow-up system for you prospects?

You need to have a follow-up system for your prospects.

This is because an average person needs 5-7 exposures before they buy or join.

No wonder the saying “The fortune is in the follow-up”

You need to have a follow-up system or you will be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Build a solid follow-up system with these steps

Systemize your follow-up system

You need to systemize how you follow-up your prospects.

You need to know what next to do after the first exposure.

Ask your upline what system the team uses.

If there is no system in place, come up with one.

For example i could be that a prospects gets a sample of your product first.

After that, they watch a video, then the get on a conference call.

If your team has a system that’s fine and you stick to it.

You need to follow-up people to collect their decision.

Realize that timing is a factor for some people to make decisions hence the need to follow-up

Develop a solid follow-up system video

I share all the steps to help you follow-up your prospects in the video below.

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