Get more prospects to show up at your biz meetings with these mlm prospecting tips

prospecting tipsProspecting tips that you will love

Have you experienced your prospects not showing up for your home meetings or biz meetings?

Have you ever been stood up for a home meeting?

Everyone has experienced this at one point in time.

I was reading a  recent post by an industry leader Tanya Aliza

She shared some tips on how to get more prospects to show up at your business meetings.

I learnt a lot from the tips, i decided to share in today’s post.

MLM prospecting tips to get more of your prospects to attend your meeting

These prospecting tips will increase the percentage of your prospects that turn-up for home or business meetings.

Invite more people

The reality is that life happens and no matter how well you set up the appointment, you will have some people that will not show up.

So you should always invite more people that you are expecting.

If you want 10 persons to attend your meeting, invite 20 people

That way, you can increase the number of people that come for your meetings.

However, you can actually get more of your appointments show up with these

other cool mlm prospecting tips that i share in the video below.

Video on mlm prospecting tips to get more prospects to show up at meetings

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To your success.

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