One Way To Generate Endless Free Leads


free leadsDoing this will generate free leads for your mlm business

In yesterday’s blog post, i shared the concept of attraction marketing and how creating a piece of content will help to get free leads.

If you are wondering how to get started with attraction marketing,  i talk more about that in this post.

One of the best ways to generate endless free leads

Blogging is one of the best ways to do this.

Setting up a blog is very simple and does not cost much. So if you are on a budget, there is no problem. Don’t worry or get bugged down with how you will go about the technology. It is quite simplified.

Usually, with a click or two of the button you can set up most websites.  You can also outsource for very low prices on sites like fiverr

Anybody can learn how to blog as long as you take the decision to learn.

How it all ties together

Daily, you create content and post it online on your blog. It could be articles and or videos

Daily you promote your blog posts

Daily, when people search, they find your content and view

Daily, some of these viewers become your free leads

and also daily, you build relationship with your leads- remember the money is in the list but the fortune is in th follow-up.  More on connecting with your leads in a future post

Your blog is your hub, your online real estate that you can control.

While you get free leads from google, youtube and all the other social media platforms, you don’t control them. This is why you must point the traffic to your blog which allows you to capture them as leads.

Blogging is a leveraged way to generate free leads because:

Your blog posts are always there and can generate leads daily on autopilot.

Google and other search engines give your blog free exposure

Blogging is easy to learn and to do

If you will like to generate free leads on autopilot, you have to start blogging.

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To your success.

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