MLM Tips How To Tell Your Story And Raise Curiosity

mlm tipsThese mlm tips will help you craft a compelling story

Yesterday i shared some MLM Tips on how to become good a presenting.

Presentation is one of the skills you need to master as a network marketing professional.

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You must have heard the phrase, facts tell and stories sell.

You need to get good at story telling if you want to become a pro at network marketing.

This is because people buy products and join companies based on emotions.

When you craft a compelling story, you will engage your prospects emotionally.

One of the stories that you need to master is your own personal story.

MLM Tips to craft a compelling personal story

I learnt these mlm tips from Eric Worre’s Go Pro Book, which is a must-read for every serious

network marketer.

There are four elements to crafting a compelling story.

Your background

Who you  were before  your network marketing experience  and you did . You need to share your background so that people can relate with your before story.

What you did not like about your background

You need to highlight the pain or the need you had before you started your network marketing business.

MLM Tips Video, Four elements to crafting a compelling personal story

In the video below, I share all the four elements to include in your story to get your prospects curious to hear more.

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