MLM Success: 3 ways to Create Rock Solid Residual Income

MLM SuccessBuilding a Solid Residual Income, the goal of MLM Success .

The Network Marketing Industry offers the dream of financial freedom because of the ability to generate residual or passive income.

Distributors in the network marketing are paid on the products they move through their network.

This is usually quantified in volumes, so we get paid for moving volumes.

There are three ways to build volume in your network marketing industry and achieve MLM Success.

Retail Volume

This is the products that customers buy. As you build your network marketing, you need distributors and customers.

It is actually easier to get someone to buy  your product than to get someone to become a distributor in your company.

So begin to promote your company product so you can get more customers that will sign up for monthly auto-ship and keep buying .

So start promoting your product to your friends and family first. So lead with the product first with your hot market, they are more likely to join your business if they have been satisfied customers.

When you promote, you share the value of the product and your own result. You will speak with passion and confidence.

For every one distributor you sign up, you should get 5-10 customers for your products.

Don’t get bugged down with specific numbers, but do get people to be buyers of your products only.


Introductory Volume

New distributors that join your business are given products as they register.

These products have volume and that is why your company pays your when a new distributor joins your business, because the new sign up get a specified amount of the products at once.

So you see why you should be personally sponsoring people regularly, it adds to the volume of products that is generated in your organization.

So , enroll distributors into your business.

Personal Volume/Consumption

You need to be using your company products as many as possible every month.

Apart from the fact that when you buy and use the product, you become a product of the product , you are also getting volume of products through your organization.

Hence your company will reward you also for that volume of product channeled through your business.

Begin to consume your products, get on a monthly auto-ship if you have not signed up for one already. This ensures steady supply of products to you amongst other things.

So now that you know the three ways to get volume in your business, you want to duplicate volume in your team.

You would want to have volume goals in your team on monthly basis and communicate this to every one accordingly.

You lead by example by getting that volume by yourself.

You will get MLM success if you create more volume in your business

Remember it is not the number of people in your team that counts but rather the volume that is generated in your organization.

Get more volume and you are on your path to MLM success

.Video on the three sources of generating volume in your business

You will agree with me that creating more volume in your organization is vital to MLM success

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To your success.

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