MLM Prospecting Tips: What To Do If You Are Starting With Social Media

MLM ProspectingOnline MLM Prospecting  Tips for Facebook

Do you want to begin prospecting online and you do not now how to go about it?

You need to determine which of the online platforms you want to prospect on and master it .

Network marketing is about connecting with people whether it is offline or online.

It is a people business so you need to talk to more people.

If you are wondering where to find new people to talk to every day and never run out,

enter your name and email below this post or at the side bar and i will send you my 15 sources of finding leads to talk to.

There a lot of myths around online prospecting  and i shared  some of the common myths in this post here 

In today’s video, i share what to do if you want to start prospecting online using facebook

Online MLM Prospecting video on what to do if you want to start with facebook

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To your success.

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