Cool Strategy To Forming Habits

forming habitsForming habits made simple with this cool strategy

Have you ever struggled when forming habits?

You need to form good habits why?

Success is a sum of daily habits.

Good habits are the foundation of success.

I share some daily habits that will help you create success in these posts

6 Daily Habits to create success

What are your daily habits?


So forming habits that are good is critical to success in your mlm business.

Many people try to form new habits but give up along the way.

This is often because they do not have a strategy to forming habits.

Forming habits takes how long?

While some people believe it takes 21 days to develop a new habit,

some believe it takes 30 days. I am of the school of thought that it takes 30 days

to develop a new habit.

You  need to understand what goes on when you are forming a new habit.

This understanding will greatly increase your chances of success.

I learnt a cool strategy on being successful at forming habits.

I shared this in the video below.

Cool Strategy on forming habits video


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To your success.

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