Find your dream prospects with this secret formula

A Secret Formula to make prospecting fun!

Just Imagine…

Prospecting FunTalking to your dream prospect on the phone, what will that make prospecting fee like for you?

A lot of network marketers do not enjoying prospecting, this is because often times, the people we talk to don’t seem to get what your excitement and passion is all about. They don’t see what you saw when you first heard about your opportunity.

Prospecting can be a great experience when you talk to like-minded people. It is possible to find and talk to your dream prospects every time using a secret formula. Even though this formula assumes you are finding these people online, you can also apply the principles if you are prospecting offline.

The Secret Formula

I learnt this secret formula from Russell Brunson’s Book: Dotcom Secrets.  Get a copy of this book to learn evergreen internet marketing strategies.

This secret formula is made up of four simple questions. Remember, asking questions will lead you to answers

“All we need to do is to create a better question and we’ll get a better answer”- Anthony Robbins

Here are the four questions:

Question 1.- Who is your dream prospect-  Remember that you will be interacting with your  prospects, and eventually  if they join, your sign ups regularly. So who do you actually want to work with?  Decide the kind of people you will like to work with. Or else, you may discover in your journey to creating success, you are getting exhausted by your prospects and distributors.

Describe the attribute and character of your dream prospects- their passions, their dreams and desires, also their pain.

A quick tip from Les Brown is to practice OQP – Only Quality People.

Question 2– Where can you find them?

Where do they congregate, where do you find them online, what forums do they belong to, which facebook groups are they a part of, what websites or blogs do they visit, what other social media networks are they a part of?

Question 3- What bait will I use to attract them?

What will I use to attract my dream prospects to me? This is your lead magnet. What will interest my dream prospects? Your bait could be an ebook, video or an audio that addresses the pain of your dream clients.  If you don’t have a website yet, don’t think this does not apply to you. Be creative! For example, on facebook, you can ask what kind of posts or articles can I share that will interest my dream prospects.


Question 4: What result do you want to give your dream prospects?

What level of success do you want your team members to achieve? This will guide what you teach them and the kind of culture you will build in your team.

Here is the video where I talk about the secret formula; you would want to watch it till the end.  I share an a-ha moment I got from my coaching session at the end of the video

Do you agree that your ideal prospect is just like you?

Think about what your passions, dreams desires, pain etc were before you started your network marketing business and you are on your way to knowing who your dream prospects are.

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To your success!

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