How To Craft An Awesome Lead Magnet

lead magnetWhy you need  a lead magnet.

If you are in network marketing you should be using both active and passive methods to build your network marketing business.

That is prospecting and marketing. Marketing is passive and it is when you put content out and hope that someone will become a lead.

You also need to have a way to capture the information of your leads so that you can interact with them.

This is important because people generally buy or do business with people they know, like and trust.

This will  usually not happen the very first time they meet with you.

So you need to build a list with the contacts of your leads so as to build a relationship with them.

This will turn them to raving fans that will be willing to buy from or join your business opportunity.

To build your list, you need a lead magnet.

This is something of value that your target market will love to have in exchange for their contact information.

Your lead magnet could be an ebook, a free report, a cheat sheet, an audio , video, webinars , one-on-one coaching call etc


How to make your lead magnet irresistible

Your lead magnet must answer the top 3-5 five questions that your target market has.

You need to identify the top 5 questions that your target audience has ensure that at least one of these questions is answered by your magnet.

In the video below, i share two more things to consider  when crafting your irresistible lead magnet.


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