5 Ideas for Creating a Killer Lead Magnet

5 Ideas for a Lead MagnetLead Magnet- A must for your list building

Lead magnet- One thing that will make all the difference as you start building your email list.

A lead magnet is an ethical bribe that you give to your leads in exchange for their email address.

It could be in form of an ebook, course, check list, cheat sheets, hacks, report etc

What is key is that it is useful and can grab the attention of people in that niche

Ideas for creating a lead magnet.

So how do you come up with what people want to know?

The first  way  is to put yourself in the shoes of the people in that niche.

So for example, in network marketing niche, you will want to ask what would I, as a network marketer want to know?

Make a list of all that comes to your mind. Cross out the information that are readily available till you narrow it down.

You want to find that one thing that people in that niche cant find any where. That is a great idea for an irresistible lead magnet.

The second way is to check our popular forums and blogs in your niche. In network marketing for example , one of the top mlm blog is rayhigdon.com.

You need to visit such blogs and check out the blog posts that have a lot of engagement- Likes, shares and comments.

Read the comments and also take note of the questions that people are asking. This also apply to forums.

Video on ideas for Lead Magnet

In this video i share all the 5 ways to come up with ideas to create your killer lead magnet.

Are your ready to start getting ideas for creating your lead magnet.

The time to start building your email list is yesterday, the next best time is now!

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To your success.

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