4 Reasons why you should start a Network Marketing Blog

Network Marketing BlogHave you ever considered starting a Network Marketing Blog ?

If you are involved with network marketing you would realize that though the traditional methods of building your MLM business works,  it takes a lot of time and effort to build a stable income.

The advent of internet has provided a leverage for businesses including the network marketing business.

So, you need to start building your MLM business using the internet and i believe blogging will help you build your MLM business faster and easier.

A lot of success entrepreneurs have their blogs so why don’t you. -Remember success leaves clues

Before i share with you four reasons to start blogging, be assured that blogging has been made very easy even for people that are not computer savvy .

All that is required for you to get your blog running is a few clicks and even if that is a challenge, you can always outsource even if you are on a budget.

Why you need to start your Network Marketing Blog

I learnt these four reasons from  a blog post by vince reed

List Building

Your network marketing blog will generate leads for you and you can start building your list . Your blog provides a platform for you to capture the contact details of your leads through your lea magnet in your op-tin form.

“The money is in the list and the fortune is in the follow-up”.  You can now reach out to your leads consistently and thus build a relationship with your list. Remember people will buy from people they know like and trust.

Pixel Building

Even if the leads that visit your blog do not join your list the first time, the use of pixels on your blog can allow you to follow these leads to other sites they visit and you can send ads to them. This is called re-targeting.

So your network marketing blog will help you build your pixel list

Provide Value

Your blog allows you a platform to provide constant value. Most of the people that visit your blog will not join your primary company but they will still get value from your blog posts.

This will help you build likeness and trust with your leads and list

Some of the valuable content may be  trusted affiliate links or your own products. This will be another source of income to you.

Establish your authority 

As a network marketing professional, when you have a blog, people will perceive you as an expert.

Since perception is reality, you will begin to establish your self as an authority in the network marketing industry.

This helps you build your personal brand  which will lead to more lead generation among other things.

Video on 4 reasons why you should start blogging.

So if you want guide on how to go about starting your network marketing blog. Let me know in the comment section and i will reach out to you. Glad to help

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To your success.

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