3 things you can work on to increase productivity

increase productivityIncrease Productivity: How to get more done

“I wish i had more time”, “I wish we had 25 hours in a day”, “If only i had more time”

These are common phrases we say when  we want to get more done.

You need to increase your productivity rather than trying to get more time to do what you plan to do.

There are a lot of time wasters as we go about our daily activities that reduce our productivity.

Increase productivity by working on these three things.

I learnt these three things from a blog post from Adam Chandler


Increase your energy level and you will increase your productivity.

Energy is everything, so why not ensure your energy level is high as begin your daily routine .

If you are in network marketing business, you will do more when you energy level is high.

Check out these energy boosters that you can start applying –

Exercise, Good Nutrition, Stretching, Laughter, Yawning (did you just yawn :)).


Having a weekly/daily schedule of activities you have planned ahead will help you focus. Set out blocks of time to complete any given task, this helps you to focus.

In network marketing, we get paid for results, so focus on the income producing activities – prospecting, follow-up and closing.

You can set alarms on your phone or your laptop at about 11 a.m, 2pm and 5 pm .

When the alarms go off , it  serves as a reminder to focus on the tasks to be done just in case your have wandered off .

You get more done when you focus on an activity per time.


Do your work in an environment that will support your work rather than distract you.

If you are a full time network marketer, have your work space at home so when you are there, your family know that you mean business.

I talk about these three things in the video

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